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          蕪湖三緣環境科技有限公司是專業從事蟲控服務(蟲害咨詢、防治、控制)的PMP(Pest Management Professional)公司,在全國各地擁有多個分支機構,總部設在上海,已率先通過了ISO9001-2000國際質量體系認證,是“中國鼠害與衛生蟲害防制協會”及“上海市有害生物防制協會”常務會員單位,并取得“有害生物防治五星級資質證”。

          Sanyuan Environment Technology CO., LTD is specialized PMP company (Pest Management Professional) in the service and research on pests, with multiple branches all around the country and the head office is based in Shanghai. has already passed international quality system authentication of ISO9001-2000, is the standing member unit of “ Termites Prevention Professional Committee of China's Property Management Association” and “Shanghai Pest Control Association” and has obtained grade ☆☆☆☆☆ of Pest Control.

          公司擁有經過專業技能培訓的服務團隊,配備了現代化蟲控設備,具有大型場所的蟲害管理能力,憑借多年的服務經驗,自主研制、開發了各類蟲控器械,并將其運用于實踐,在蟲害控制過程中,注重對環境的保護,采用國際領域通行的IPM  ( Integrated Pest Management )蟲害綜合管理方案,以“盡可能少用一滴化學藥水、盡可能讓客戶少花一分錢、盡可能讓我們多一份健康”為宗旨,目前已為超過16000多家的客戶提供了專業、優質的服務,取得了良好的社會效應。

          The company has a service team with professional skill training, equipped with modern pest control equipments, with the ability to manage the insect pest in the large places, with many years of service experience, the company has independently developed and researched all kinds of pest control equipments, and applied them in practice, in the pest-controlling process, we pay attention to the protection of the environment, adopt IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Integrated Pest Management Plan that is popularized in the international field, taking “as little as possible with a drop of chemical potion, as little as money the customer spends, as much as possible we can be healthy” as the purpose, and currently we have supplied professional and high-qualified service for over 16000 companies, and achieved good social effect.


          Pay attention to “Protect the environment and keep the pests far away from our life” together, and there will be the silent support of Sanyuan behind each successful enterprise!


          三緣優勢 Advantages of Sanyuan:



      1. The comprehension and universality of service: we have rich experience in the service field, wide customer groups, now the country's customer accumulation has nearly come to 20000, and have stronger pest-controlling ability in different places. We provide pest-controlling services for many enterprises of the top 500, in 2009, and we are so honored to be the pest-controlling supplier "Beautiful Shanghai - Celebrity House of World Expo".


      2. The standardization of the management of customers and enterprises: we rank the leading position in both customer and enterprise management in the industry, and passed first through the quality management system certification of ISO9001-2000, all employees are trained systematically and professionally and take posts with certifications; the customer management uses customer management software, the whole track can ensure that we can provide more perfect service for the costumer, to avoid deviation and disjointing as much as possible.


      3. The mechanism with rapid reaction: our "emergency response team" will react and solve the deviation problem with the fastest speed when the customer finds the abnormal.


      4. Quality monitoring mechanism: in order to improve the service quality, we especially set up "the quality supervision and control group", implement irregular quality inspection and error correction for the service field in each quarter, to control the service quality of the service personnel to keep consistent.


      5. Extra security mechanism: we provide public liability insurance from China Ping An Insurance Company to make sure the unexpected loss that we cause in service process to customers will be safeguarded.


      6. Advanced equipments: we use the pest detection instrumentation, in order to solve the pest trouble hidden deeply in parts beyond human's reach.


      三緣的保證 Sanyuan's assurance





      400 820 2500

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